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Cartoonist and animator based in Tennessee. Specialize in cartoony cats.

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bakertoons's News

Posted by bakertoons - 1 day ago

Holy crap woke up to the news that "House Cat Sez" made #10 in the Round 2 Jam. Aiee!

Thanks, everyone! And be sure to check out all the entries.

Extra thanks to Corey and Michael for voices, and Anangi for checking over the script.



Posted by bakertoons - 2 weeks ago

One year today, I posted "Ask a Cat" here on NG, as well as YouTube.

I've animated before, but this is the first time I truly animated a short from start to finish. I actually wrote the script back in 2018, when I was still working for "Pencilmation". I pitched it to them, but they turned it down as they decided not to produce other series.

Fast forward to 2020, early in the global pandemic, I decided I wanted to give animation a shot again when I remembered I wrote this script. I dug it out and decided to finish it. This took some doing but after about 2 months I had enough footage animated.

It got a good reaction, even winning a Daily 4th Place on NG. This sparked a huge boost in me wanting to do more with animating, and I saw a huge potential as at this point I felt I hit the brick wall with webcomics, which I've been doing non-strop for years at that point.

Looking at it again, I've gotten much better at animating since then. Here's hoping I'll continue to improve a year from now.



Posted by bakertoons - June 29th, 2021

My goal last year with the 2nd Fuzzy Princess book was to launch it in conventions. Obviously that didn't happen.


I am, however, shipping copies out. Consider getting one at my shop



Posted by bakertoons - June 11th, 2021

Oh wow, was surprised to find "Your College" thesis made the front page! Thanks so much for your support! Means a lot to me :)

For my Patreon backers I posted some behind-the-scenes material, including storyboards and animatic. Check it out!


Posted by bakertoons - February 26th, 2021


Taking commissions right now!


  • -I accept PayPal and Ko-Fi for payment.
  • -I can do up to two revisions at no cost. For each additional revision I will charge 10% of the original price.
  • -I will not do NSFW, complex designs (including mecha), hateful/offensive, and extreme violence.
  • -I have the right to turn down requests I'm uncomfortable of taking part.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me for more info!


Posted by bakertoons - February 18th, 2021

Want to give an update on the "Chargeman Ken" Re-Animate project!


  • We got about 77 people applying.
  • 73 shots have been assigned between 67 people.
  • 19 scenes came back from the animators.

I've been sharing WIPs on Twitter and they're all very good! Can't wait to release the finished product!

In the meantime, I still have about 35 scenes to assign. If any animators are interested in applying, please check out the guideline and apply here!


Posted by bakertoons - February 3rd, 2021

I overhauled my Patreon page to put more emphasis on my animation projects. Any little bit helps ensure that I can create cartoons on a consistent basis, as well as making it easier to hire voice actors and other artistic talents.

Here's a new promo vid:

Every little bit helps! Check it out at https://www.patreon.com/smallbug



Posted by bakertoons - January 25th, 2021

Oh wow, was surprised to see "Poetry Lovers" made the Front Page! Thanks to everyone who watched, and to those who started following me due to seeing it, welcome! Hope you enjoy my cartoony goodness.


Posted by bakertoons - January 4th, 2021

We are hosting a reanimate project in 2021 for CHARGEMAN KEN! Specifically, episode "Dynamite in the Brain". Let's hope Dr. Volga will forgive us.


To enter, simply fill out this application form. We ask that you provide samples of your past work, how many seconds you're willing to animate (minimum 1 second), and what style of animation you plan to do. For latter, we accept and encourage any and all styles, including 2D, 3D, stop-motion, puppets, etc.




File name: Shotnumber_YourName

Example: 001_bakertoons.mp4

Dimensions: 1920x1080 at 24 fps.

File formats: mp4 or mov


File can include sound, but please do not add additional sound and music. Scene length must remain the same as the original, right down to the frame.

This is a non-profit project and has no affiliation with Knack/ICHI Production. Our goal is to release the remake by the end of the year, so please try to finish by November at the latest!

There are 107 shots of varying lengths available to animators.

Please email completed footage to chargemanreanimate@gmail.com as an attachment or a link to the file (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

You may post WIPs publicly. Be sure to tag us at @ckenreanimate if posting on Twitter!


1. Please keep it PG! No content that are NSFW, offensive, and bigoted are allowed. If you need clarification, please let us know.

2. You may collaborate with other artists, especially on longer shots. Please let us know who the other artists are so we can properly credit them.

3. Please do not add the English subtitles in your footage. They will be added in post-production after all the scenes are edited together!

4. If selected, please keep us updated on your progress, whether by email, DMs, or through the Discord server (invite will be sent if you are selected). We plan to check in about once a month, so please do not disappear or go silent, especially as the deadline grows near. If you need additional time, or you have to drop out for whatever reason, please let us know ASAP.

5. Have fun with your shot!

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ckenreanimate



Posted by bakertoons - September 1st, 2020


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of "The Fuzzy Princess" next year, I'm planning to MAKE AN ANIMATED SHORT with the characters to celebrate!

To help make this possible, please consider becoming a Patron!

For one-time donations, I have Ko-Fi