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Posted by bakertoons - March 23rd, 2019


Just put out a new "Ask a Cat" book this month, "Laptops Are So Warm"! This collects strips from mid-2017 to mid-2019! Also contains a bonus story "The Ghost Cat"!

You can buy it now on Amazon.


With the Kickstarter being a success, "The Fuzzy Princess Volume 1" is now being printed! I want to thank everyone who pledged to make this book a reality.

If you missed the Kickstarter but want a copy, you can pre-order at my shop! Go here to do so.

Till next time, adios!



Posted by bakertoons - February 17th, 2019

It was a close call, with 2 days still left, but the Fuzzy Princess Kickstarter has been 100% funded! I want to thank everyone who pledged! It means a lot that people want this book to happen!


So what now? Well, like I said, it's still going for 2 more days (it ends Tuesday evening), so if you want to pledge and get a book, you can do so now! Any extra pledge will help make the book's production easier to manage!

I'm doing a stretch goal, where if I reach $5,100, I will add a FIFTH sticker in the $40 and higher tiers at no extra cost, featuring Chiro and Kuma! You can see the design in the Kickstarter pledge.

Once again, thank you!



Posted by bakertoons - February 13th, 2019

THE FUZZY PRINCESS is a webcomic I've been doing since 2016 about a cat princess who gets stuck on Earth and learns to embrace humanity.


I'm working to get the first year's worth of comics printed into a book, covering 6 stories and 2 shorter ones. It will run for 5 more days, with 83% funded. Help make this book a reality!


Here's another giveaway. The next 3 people who back "Prints and Book Plates" ($35) tier or higher will get an original art for one of the prints alongside their rewards!


Spots are limited, so hurry!



Posted by bakertoons - February 10th, 2019

With 9 days to go and 72% raised in the Kickstarter, here's a special offer for anyone who wants to pledge! The next 5 people who pledge for "The Book" tier or higher will get an original Inktober drawing with their reward!


Spots are limited, so back now!



Posted by bakertoons - February 1st, 2019

Just want to give an update on the Kickstarter. As I write this, it is now 49% funded, withe 18 days left to go! Thanks to everyone who supported and backed so far.


Did you miss my marathon sketch commission stream last Saturday? Well, you're in luck, because I'm doing ANOTHER one tomorrow, on February 2 starting at 12pm Central! Want to commission now? You can! Make a pledge of at least $10 and let me know what you want me to draw this weekend

If you already pledged and haven’t received a sketch, let me know.

The stream will happen here. I will be joined by other artists on a rotating basis! It's gonna be a lot of fun!


See you then!


Posted by bakertoons - January 21st, 2019

Just want to say I'm floored by the support I've been getting for "The Fuzzy Princess" Kickstarter! It's been going since last Tuesday, and already we've reached 35% of the goal! I have good feelings about this book.

Of course, there's still more to go, so be sure to check out the campaign! Even if you can't make a pledge, you can still help out by telling people about it, whether in social media or other ways.

Thanks again for your support, everyone! Together we can make this book happen.

To make a pledge, click here!




Posted by bakertoons - January 15th, 2019

The Kickstarter is live for THE FUZZY PRINCESS VOL. 1 book! A full-color, 192-page paperback!


The book has been in the works for the latter part of 2018, so we are glad to finally get the campaign going!

I want to give special mention to Bill Holbrook, who provided an original illustration for the book in addition to his introduction; Cole Rothacker, who copy edited the book to make it extra presentable and have it free from errors; Emily Koch, who voiced Princess Kat in the campaign video; finally, forum user Madeline, my best friend who pushed me to make the comic the way it is.

This really is the best book I've put together, covering the first 13 months of the webcomic in full color, plus behind the scenes sketches and early development art. I can't wait to see this printed, and I hope everyone will enjoy it.

To back this project, click here, and be sure to let everyone know about the campaign!

Posted by bakertoons - December 16th, 2018

Hello, folks! Only a few weeks away before it's 2019, so I wanted to give you an update on what to expect!

The Fuzzy Princess Kickstarter


As I wrote previously, I will open a Kickstarter campaign for the book on January 15. This will be a color reprinting of the first "Fuzzy Princess" book with improvements made: in addition to the introduction by Bill Holbrook (who created an illustration to go with it), it will contain behind-the-scenes info and sketches, all new chapter titles, and more! Cole Rothacker, my editor, has been a great help making this book even better than ever!


There will be plenty of rewards offered, including stickers, prints, and an original "Ask a Cat" strip of your choice! There are limited numbers of original art, so if you want in on that, be sure to make a campaign pledge as soon as it goes live! I will send out an announcement email when it does, but you can also follow me on Twitter at both @bakertoons and @thefuzzykatrina to stay informed.


New Ask a Cat book

In addition to the new "Fuzzy" book, I will also be releasing a second "Ask a Cat" book, entitled Laptops Are So Warm, which continues from where the first book left off. In addition to 1.5 years worth of "Cat" comics, it will also contain a bonus story "The Ghost Cat"!

This one will go straight to Amazon on March. I will send out an announcement when it's available!

Store Update

I still have items for sale at the Smallbug Store. If you're looking for last-minute Christmas gifts, this is a good place to check, with original art, stickers, and books available!

With the new plans for the Fuzzy Princess books, I'm selling the black and white editions of both Vol 1 and Vol 2 at 50% discount. I only have a limited number of copies, so hurry!

(If you like to subscribe to my email newsletter, you can sign up here)


Posted by bakertoons - December 1st, 2018


That’s right, I’m making this official: on Janaury 15, I will launch a Kickstarter for the COLOR EDITION of “The Fuzzy Princess Vol. 1”. It will contain the first 13 months of the webcomic, plus behind-the-scenes info and Bill Holbrook’s introduction and illustration! 

I will post the campaign link when it starts here. You can also follow me on Twitter at both @bakertoons and @thefuzzykatrina, where I will keep everyone updated. I also have a e-Newsletter as well, which you can subscribe here

This book will be better than the old black and white version, with remastered pages, cleaned-up dialogues and art, and all-new chapter title pages created exclusively for this edition! There are neat rewards planned for the Kickstarter, including bookplates, prints, original arts, and more! Something for everybody! 

Thank you for your support, everyone, and hope you all have a good holiday and a new year!

Posted by bakertoons - November 21st, 2018


I think my computer is on its last legs (I’m still using Windows 7), and would have to buy a new one for 2019.

If you like my comics, please consider backing my Patron! If you would like to make a one-time donation, I have Ko-Fi as well

Thank you!